Adding a new Job Stage


To enter Job Stages from the main menu, select Register menu and Job Stage sub-menu. Job Stage Listing will appear. Click on « New » and the screen Adding a new Job Stage will appear.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




Note : there is no limit to the number of Job Stages you can create. In subsequent sessions, Job Stage Listing will appear when sub-menu Job Stage is selected.


Note : Job Stage Code can only be numerical (codes may be up to four (4) digits long).


Important : Each new job stage code must be sequential to those already entered. If you try to use an existing job stage code, a message will appear: « Existing code ». You must therefore chose a code which is not in use.


When you have entered a new Job Stage Code, Job Stage Listing will reappear. It lists all existing Job Stage Codes with their descriptions. It is important to note that these Job Stages are those to be used in time records by all the firm's employees.