Adding a new file based on an existing file


When at least one file exists in the TimeGold data base, you can use data from an existing file to create a new file. Select the Register menu and the File sub-menu. The Files listing screen shown below will appear.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain a context sensitive help.





This screen lists all your files and relevant data. To create a new file, click on « New ». The following message will appear :




If your new file concerns an existing client, you have the opportunity to import data from and existing file. To import information of an existing file, click on « Yes ». The Select a file screen will appear.




Select from your files listing the one you wish to import and click on « Select ». The Adding a new file screen will then appear with the data of the file selected. You can then enter your new file number and modify data which differ in the new file. In case of error, click on « Cancel ».


If you are not importing data from another file, when the message « import information from another file » (Figure 11) appears, click on « No » and the screen Adding a new file will appear. Enter the required information and click on « Save » to save your new file.