Backup - Restore sub-menu


TimeGold offers you a simple way to make backup of it's data base in order to protect all information entered into TimeGold.


Important : only users with security level 3 will be able to perform Backup and Restore commands.


To make a backup or to restore the data base, from the main menu select Register menu and Backup – Restore sub-menu. Backup and Restore sub-menus will appear. Use the Backup sub-menu to make a backup copy of the data base and the Restore sub-menu to restore the data base into TimeGold.


The BackUp file is protected with strong encryption with a secret password. It can only be unzipped within the Restore function of TimeGold.




When you select the Backup sub-menu, the following screen will ask you for a name and folder destination for your backup. We recommend saving the file to a USB key or a different physical drive than the one where TimeGold is installed.




A file name containing the current date will be proposed by the system, but you can change it to anything else. The backup directory name you will enter will be kept in memory by TimeGold and will appear automatically when you will do another backup or select the restore command.


When you are ready, click on « Yes » to continue or on « No » to abort.




If you click « Yes », the following screen will appear once the backup is completed.




When you click « OK », TimeGold will close.




When you select the Restore sub-menu, screen "Backup File Name" will appear :




Navigate to your backup directory, and select the appropriate TimeGold Backup you want to restore.


Select the file you want to restore, and click on « Ok » to continue or on « Cancel » to abort. When you click on « Ok » the following screen appear :




If you want to continue, click on « Yes » or on « No » to abort. If you select « Yes », the restore will proceed and at the end of the restore, the following message will appear :




Click on « Ok » and restart TimeGold.