Control Panel


As this is the first time you are using TimeGold, the Control Panel will appear on your screen as shown below.

The status section shows if it is a "Demo" and the Expiry date.

This screen will show every time you start TimeGold when it is in Demo mode. Just click OK to continue. When you are ready tu make a purchase, follow the instructions below.




Communicate with the MicroAstron technical support team as shown when you click on your registration form or click on « Technical Support » if you do not have the registration form. The screen shown below will appear.




The information you need to reach our technical support department is contained in this screen. Click on « Ok » to return to the Control Panel. Our team member will give you a registration number. Enter this number in the appropriate field and click on « Ok ». The Entry screen will then appear.


Important : When you communicate with the technical support team to register your version, it is important to be near your computer and that it be running the program. Our team member will ask for your Serial number as well as your Control number shown on your Control Panel. Please note that the Control number changes each time you access TimeGold. Our team member will give you a registration number. Enter this number in the proper field and then click on « Ok ». The Access Procedure screen will reappear. Our team member will stay online until your version is registered to ensure the procedure is effected without problems.


Description of data on Control panel


· TimeGold serial number : Serial number on your TimeGold program.


· Network status : Indicates the program version in use for the standalone version; it will so state. For a network version the status will indicate the maximum number of users and the number of concurrent users of TimeGold.


· Control number : when you communicate with the MicroAstron technical support team, have the Control number close at hand. You must give this number to our team member to obtain your Registration number.


· Registration number : enter in this field the Registration number you obtain from MicroAstron technical support.


Note : Until the Registration number is entered, your TimeGold program will stay in Demonstrator mode with an expiry date as shown on the Control Panel. This screen will no longer appear automatically after the Registration number is entered. You can bring it onscreen by selecting the Register menu and the Control Panel subscreen.