Crystal Reports

With TimeGold 4.2, reports are developped using Crystal ReportsÔ. This brings you a dimension for customized reports and invoices. Creating new reports and/or modifying existing reports and invoices is now easier and faster.


For TimeGold users already using Seagate Crystal ReportsÔ, it will now be possible for them to customize themselves invoices and reports and to even create new reports suiting better their needs from elements of TimeGold's database.


For TimeGold users who do not have Seagate Crystal ReportsÔ and does'nt want to buy it, we are offering to modify for you TimeGold's standard reports and invoices in order to adapt them to your needs if necessary. This customization will be done for you by our team following your specifications for a preestablish fee corresponding to the work to be done.


Crystal ReportsÔ is a trademark of SAP Business Objects