Data base reindexing sub-menu


This function organizes data and entries in your TimeGold software. Periodically this is necessary so that the program can run as quickly as possible without pointless searches of data bases. This is recommended at regular intervals. Done daily, it will allow the program to run at full capacity. It only takes a few seconds.


If, during a work session in which several programs are in use simultaneously, your computer refuses commands (crashes), it may be due to a variety of reasons. When this happens and TimeGold is one of the programs in use, it is necessary to reindex the TimeGold data base when it is reopened. This is made necessary because your TimeGold session was not terminated normally. After reindexing, you can resume work.


Note : if you are in a NETWORK application, it is VERY IMPORTANT that only the user reindexing the system be at work in TimeGold. Other users must terminate their sessions. This is necessary because all users of a NETWORK share the same database.


When reindexing, if you have a network version, the system will post the following warning message if other users are online with TimeGold : « Data base in use - IDENTIFY.DBF... try later ». Click on « Ok » and the following warning message will appear :  « You must be the only user online to be able to reindex data bases. Request other users to leave the system ».


When reindexing is underway, prospective TimeGold users will see the following message : « Data base in exclusive mode by another user ». As soon as reindexing is completed, other users may access TimeGold.