First use of TimeGold access procedure


Since TimeGold is a business information program, security of the data it contains must be assured. A personal password therefore controls each user's access to the program. When you have completed the preceding steps, the following screen will appear :


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain a context sensitive help.




· Notice that the word ADMIN appears in the employee number field.


· Enter the password supplied by default in the Password field. The password is ADMIN. The program will ask you to enter a new password in the Change field, then in the Verify field. Then click on « Ok » to access the TimeGold main menu.


Note : The password can be a numerical, alphabetical or alphanumerical code. Letters may be either upper or lower case.


The next step is to enter your name in the Employee list (refer to the Register menu Employee submenu for further information on this section.)


Note : The user entered by default in the Employee list cannot be deleted. Keep the password entered for this user in a safe place. If you delete your name from the Employee list by mistake or if you forget your password, you can use the ADMIN user name and password to access TimeGold.