Import Data sub-menu


With TimeGold you have the opportunity to import client data from other software. For now, this option is only available with AVANTAGEÒ software, but links will be created with other software in future upgrades.


If you have you are currently using another system, you can reach us at to get a quote for customizing the import from the system you are using.


Important : only users with security level 3 will be able to import data into TimeGold.


To import client data, from the Register menu, select the Import Data sub-menu. The screen Data Import will appear :


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




Note : For network version administrators, we suggest to ask other employees who use TimeGold to leave the software in order to execute the Import data function.


· Select the software from which you want to import client data. (For the moment, we only have a link with AVANTAGEÒ software.)


· In the field « Clients », enter the name of the client file you want to import. If you do not know the file name, click on the « File » button and screen Choose the customer file… will appear as shown below. Select the client file to import and click on « Ok » when done.




· Screen Data Import will then reappear. Click on « Ok » to proceed or on « Cancel » to abort.


When transfer will be done, the following sceen will appear :




· This screen will give information about the data transfer. You will find the following informations :


· How many records were added to TimeGold and how many records were rejected. Rejected records are records that are already existant in TimeGold at time of transfer. This function is there to prevent having the same record entered twice in TimeGold. Only non-existing records will be added to TimeGold.


Click on « Ok » when finished. Data base reindexation will begin automatically.