Instruction for TimeGold Access Procedure


The Access Procedure screen (shown below) is the only entry into TimeGold so it will be displayed each time you enter the program.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain a context sensitive help.




Please go through the following steps :


· If you know your employee number, enter it in the appropriate field or click on « List » to access the Employee list (if you decide to access the Employee list, select your name from the list then click on « Select » to return to the access procedure).


Note : The employee number of the last user will automatically appears in the Employee field of the Access Procedure.


· Enter your password and then click on « Ok ».


Note : At this time, you can modify the language option. Click on « Français » or « English » to choose the language you wish to use. This option is available every time you access TimeGold.


Password remain valid thirtyfive (35) days. Past this period, TimeGold will request that you enter a new password in the « Change » field. You must then enter your new password in the « Verify » field. If you wish to continue using the same password, just reenter your present password in the « Change » field then in the « Verify » field.


Note : Passwords can be numerical, alphabetical, or alphanumerical codes. Either Upper or Lower case letters may be used.