Moving within the program


This section of TimeGold help aims at enabling you to move quickly and efficiently between the various menus, submenus and screens of the program. Since TimeGold works in WindowsÒ, moving is done in the same way as in other programs you have worked with.


Moving by the mouse


It is possible to move between menus and screens with the mouse. Simply click on menu and submenu selected and move from field to field by clicking with the mouse in the field(s) where you wish to enter data.


Moving by the keyboard between menus and sub-menus


If you find keyboarding more congenial, you may do so. Certain letters are underlined in each section of the main menu (generally, but not always the first letter) as shown below.




To access a section of the menu by keyboarding, press « Alt » simultaneously with letter underlined in section of menu you wish to access. For instance, to access Register menu, press « Alt » at the same time as letter « R ». Submenus of Register menu will appear as in screen below :




To access one of the submenus displayed, you have the option of clicking on the submenu with the mouse or simply key the letter underlined in the submenu selected. In this section, it is not necessary to use the « Alt ». key. For example, to access the File submenu, simply press letter « F ».


Moving by keyboarding within screens


To move inside a screen, use the mouse to move from field to field or use « Tab » key to move between fields. Arrow keys may also be used for lateral or vertical movement. Function commands in the lower part of the screen also have a letter underlined as shown in figure below.




You can command the functions by clicking on them with the mouse or by pressing « Alt » simultaneously with letter underlined as in main menu. Please note one of the function commands is in bold print, as shown in figure below.




The bold text identifies function active by default. When you have completed the screen, press « Enter » to execute the underlined function.


Control panel of main menu


The control panel of the main menu is a speedy option to execute the most commonly used functions. The control panel looks like this :


Move the pointer on the differents buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




Simply click on an icon with the mouse to execute the function selected. If you place the pointer on an icon, after a short time a brief description of the function will be displayed.