Next invoice number


When you first use TimeGold, invoice numbering will start with One (1) by default. It is, however, possible to start numbering TimeGold invoices to continue your present numbering sequence.


To modify the numbering sequence, select, from the main menu, the Invoices menu and the Next Invoice No. sub-menu. The following screen will appear :




The invoice number appearing in the Next Invoice No. field is that of the next invoice to be produced by TimeGold. On first use of TimeGold, the number appearing will be number one (1). You can edit the invoice number to continue your present numbering sequence in TimeGold (for instance, if the number of the last invoice in your present accounting system was 2456, enter 2457 in the Next Invoice No. field and the next invoice produced by TimeGold will be numbered 2457.


Note : It is not possible to enter a number lower than of the last invoice produced by TimeGold to avoid destroying existing invoice. Only employees at security level 3 will be able to modify the next invoice number.