Print a Time Sheet

To print a Time Sheet, from the main menu, select T.S.(Time Sheet) menu and Print sub-menu. Screen Print a Time Sheet will appear.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




· Enter time sheet number or select « List » to obtain time sheets list.


· Select « Cancel » to abort or « Ok » when finished.


After choosing report type, click on « Ok », you will have the choice to send the report to the printer or on the screen..



You can click on the printer icon to change the printer:



Note : The Print screen shown above may be different from that appearing on your screen. Your version of WindowsÒ and your specific printer determine the makeup of this screen.


If all printer control data are correct, click on « Ok ». You will then be able to view documents before printing. Refer to the Printing and Viewing Reports and Invoices section for more information on using the Print module..