Search in the Invoices List


In cases where the Invoice list is very large, it is possible to conduct a search to find quickly the invoice sought for. To perform a search, click on « Search » and screen shown below will appear.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




Enter a search text (a key word or phrase describing the invoice sought for, for example the word « Brockville ») in the Search for field. Then select search mode from among the four (4) search modes following :


· Next

· Previous

· First

· Last


When the search text is complete, click on « Search » or press « Enter » key. Search will take place in the mode selected. If no invoice answers the search, « text not found » will appear as a message. Click on « Ok » and Invoice List will reappear. Initiate a new search with a search text more specific to the invoice sought for. As it is possible that more than one invoice has the word « Brockville » in its description, you can move within the list by using the « arrow » keys to narrow down the search.


· Click on « Cancel » to abort.