Search - Time sheets


The Search submenu allows user to perform searches in time sheets according to criteria chosen by user to suit his needs.


To perform a search in Time Sheets, from the main menu select T.S.(Time Sheet) menu and Search submenu. Screen shown below will appear :




When you perform your first search, the search criteria screen will be empty, as shown in Figure 47. As you perform searches, search criteria will accumulate to be used later (click to see the screen). To create new search criteria, click on « New ». Screen Create a new search criteria will appear. If screen Search – Time Sheets already contains search criteria one of which applies to the search requested, select the search criteria and click on « Count ». Screen Information will show how many records meet this criteria.


Take note that if you use but one criteria for your search, you may omit brackets but, on the other hand you are using several criteria, they must be separated by sets of brackets. If brackets are omitted, TimeGold will give a warning. Check the brackets and proceed with the search.


It is possible to use up to five (5) criteria, thus screen Create a new search criteria has five (5) lines.


Here is a typical search: this search seeks to find all file numbers equal to 2 or equal to 3 and for which hours billable/non billable is No.




Note : to move more quickly between fields, use the « Tab » key.


Creation of search criteria is carried out in the following manner :


· Determine if you will be using one or several search criteria. If you are using only one, you can omit the bracket in the first field. To insert brackets, click on the arrow next to the field « ( ) » to select.


Note: brakets express operation priority.


· Select a search field in the « Selected field » box by clicking on the arrow in the box. You may choose from :

· Time sheet number

· Employee number

· Sort code

· File number

· Billable/non-billable

· Week (date)

· Day worked

· Work stage

· Commentary

· Time start

· Time stop

· Total hours

· Total hours in seconds

· Invoice number


· Next select the restrictive variable in the « Operator » box by clicking on the arrow. Your options are :

· Equal to…

· Lesser than…

· Greater than…

· Lesser than or equal to…

· Greater than or equal to…

· Different from…

· Includes…

· Does not include…


· Then enter value sought in the « Value » box and add a bracket if using more than one search criteria. It is not possible to place a bracket in last box « ( ) » if no bracket is used at the beginning of the search criteria.


Exemple :




· If your search uses only one criteria, click on « Count ». Search will proceed and, when complete, a message will appear as shown below giving you the number of records meeting your criteria.




· If you search uses several criteria, do not forget to open and close brackets and to enter « AND » or « OR » by clicking on the arrow next to the « Next » box after each search criteria.


· When search is complete and the message Information appears, click on « Ok » and you will be returned to Create a new search criteria.


· Click on « Save » (to save the search criteria you have just used). Screen shown below will then appear. It will describe the search you have just performed. You may save it as it is or alter it.




· To abort, click on « Cancel » and you will return to Search – Time Sheets screen to perform another search or to leave search mode. By clicking on « Ok » your search will be saved and Search – Time Sheets screen will appear describing the search you have just performed.


Click on « Select » to view records found by your search. Search results screen will appear. All records found by the search will be displayed. You may then check or alter time sheets.


If you wish to delete a search criteria entered in Search – Time Sheets select the criteria to be deleted and click on « Delete ». To view or alter the description of an active search criteria, click on « View » of Search – Time Sheets , the screen shown below will appear :




You will then be able to alter the description of the selected search criteria. When alterations are completed, click on « Ok » to save your most recent alterations.