Searching the Employee's List


When the employees list is long, TimeGold provide a search function to locate employees. Click on « Search » and the screen shown below will appear.


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.



Enter a keyword (employee's last name, for instance « Remington ») in the Search for field. Then select search mode. Search will start at pointer position in one of four (4) modes.


· Next

· Previous

· First

· Last


When keyword is entered, click on « Search » or press « Enter ». Search will proceed according to the mode selected. If no employee answers to the keyword, « keyword not found » will appear as a message. Click on « Ok » and Employee's List will reappear. Initiate a new search with a more appropriate keyword. As it is possible more than one employee may have the same last name, it is possible to use the « arrow » keys for a final manual search.


· Click on « Cancel » to abort.