Standard Description sub-menu


Modify standard description sub-menu is a function to allow including an additional standard commentary in all types of invoices. It will be included in the description section of the invoice.


Creating a standard description


To create a standard description to be used where required in invoices, from the main menu select Invoices menu and Standard description sub-menu. Fixed Amount Invoice – Standard Description screen will appear.


As TimeGold is a bilingual program, the screen has two (2) sections. The upper if for an English description, the lower for its French equivalent. This function is useful in dealing with clients who prefer to use French. This function relates directly do the Register menu and the Files sub-menu. If, in creating the file, you chose English as the language of communication, the English description will appear on the invoice. On the other hand, if French was chosen as the language of communication, the French description will be used. If no French description is entered, the English description will be imported by default. When both description are entered, click on « Ok » to save the descriptions. They can be modified at any time.


Importing a standard description into an invoice


When creating an invoice, if you want to include a supplementary description, click on « Description » (this command will be deactivated until a file number is entered), the Message screen will then appear.


You can then import the standard description by clicking on « Yes ». If you click on « No », a window will open. You may enter a note specific to the current invoice without deleting the standard description. When you have completed the note to be added to the invoice, click on « Ok » to return to the invoicing module.