T.S. (Time Sheets) menu


Creating time sheets with TimeGold is a simple operation and can be done in various ways. The first is for employees to fill in their traditional time sheets manually and to give them to the bookkeeper who will enter the data. The second is to grant access to employees at the end of their workday so they can enter their hours themselves. This method lightens the workload of the bookkeeper but will create delays at the TimeGold workstation to the dispeasure of some. The third solution is to install a network version of TimeGold so each employee can enter time data at any time. Access to confidential data is controlled by the security codes given to each employee when they are entered in the Employees List. Time sheets will be used by the Invoicing and Reports module of TimeGold.


T.S. (Time Sheet) menu is divided in six (6) sub-menus as described below :



· Search in the Time Sheets List

· Time Sheet List