User Information


Certain data must be entered to utilise all the features of the program to their fullest extent. They concern the main user of TimeGold. They were entered the first time you used the program. It it becomes necessary to change the data, go to the main menu, select the Register menu and the User Information submenu. The User Information screen shown below will appear :


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain a context sensitive help.




Note : To modify TimeGold working parameters created by default during installation, hit F4 to access the Default parameters screen to modify these parameters as you whish.


· In the first section of the screen, enter the data required: User name (owner), address, city, province/state and postal /zip code.


Note : Your company name was entered the first time you accessed TimeGold.


· The second section deals with taxes applicable to your invoicing. In the Abreviated Description section, three fields are available for each language option. Enter a brief description of applicable taxes in your Province or State in each field. Since the English description is entered by default, you must enter the French description to use that language (for instance, enter G.S.T. for the Canadian Federal Goods and Services tax). Enter other applicable taxes in the appropriate fields. In the Rate fields, enter the rates of the various taxes, if you are required to provide your tax number(s) in the fields provided under the heading Tax ID.


Note : Company name, adress and tax registration numbers will be inserted automatically in invoices generated by TimeGold.


· The « Currency » fields identifies the currency used by your company. The first field is used to enter a description of the currency. (ex. : enter « CND » for Canadian dollars, « USD » for United States dollars or « FF » for French franc). The second field is used to enter the symbol of the currency (ex. : enter « $ » for dollars or « F » for franc). You can enter only one character in the second field. If the second field is leave empty, the dollar symbol « $ » will be use by default by the software.



Invoicing mileage expenses


Where your client has agreed to pay mileage expenses, use the « Mileage » field to enter the rate per kilometer or mile billable. In the adjacent field, enter whether kilometres (Km.) or miles (Mi.) apply. This amount will be used by the invoicing module whenever mileage expense is entered in a file. Refer to the Expenses module for more information.



Invoice detail level


TimeGold offers a choice on three (3) levels of invoicing detail according to client requirements or user choice :


· Detailed by employee (name and title)

· Detailed by employee (title only)

· Professional fees


· Invoicing detailed by employee (name and title) lists billable hours in total as well as names and titles of each employee with billable hours on the file


· Invoicing detailed by employee (title only) lists total billable hours broken down by the title of each employee with billable hours on the file, but omitting employee names


· Professional fee invoicing bills the global amount with no description of billable hours.


Tax calculations


Certain provinces or states require that taxes be calculated either separately or cumulatively.

TimeGold offers both options :


Cumulative tax example :


Sales        : 100.00$

Tax 1 (7%)   :   7.00$

Sub-Total    : 107.00$

Tax 2 (6.5%) :   6.95$

Total        : 113.95$


Separate tax example :


Sales        : 100.00$

Tax 1 (7%)   :   7.00$

Tax 2 (6.5%) :   6.50$

Total        : 113.50$



When all User information has been entered, click on « Ok » to return to the main menu.