Using TimeGold for the first time


The first time you use TimeGold the screen shown in Figure 1 will automatically appear. Select preferred working language by clicking on « Français (Bilingue) », « English (Bilingual) » or « English (Unilingual) ». If you select « Français (Bilingue) » or « English (Bilingual) » please note that this choice is not final and it will always be possible to change it in subsequent work sessions.


This menu will only be displayed the first time you use the program. Then click on « Ok » to access the User Information module on the program.




The User Information screen will appear. Enter the required information and click on « Ok ».


Note : you cannot go to the next step until your Company name has been entered in the « company » field. The other data can be entered later.


(You will find further information on this section in the next section User Information It is very important to enter the Company name correctly, since this information, once registered, cannot be altered. When you click on « Ok » the following message will be displayed :




Click on « NO » to validate the company name as entered or on « YES » to make a change.


Note : It is important to recognize that it is impossible to modify the company name once the data is registered. Check the accuracy of your entry before validating it.