Work in progress

When you select Report – Work in progress, the following screen appears :


Move the pointer on the differents fields and buttons of the following screen to obtain context sensitive help.




When data entry is completed, select the kind of report desired, then click on « Ok » to access printing and viewing module or on « Cancel » to abort.


The following reports are available :


· Complete

· Billable hours

· Non-billable hours

· Billable and non-billable hours

· Billed hours


The complete work in progress report will give you the following informations :

· File number

· Date of contract

· Employee's name and description of the job stage

· Time sheet's number

· Total number of hours to be billed

· Total amount ($) of hours to be billed

· Total number of non-billable hours

· Total amount ($) of non-billable hours

· Total number of billed hours

· Total amount ($) and number of the invoice


For more information on printing and viewing reports, refer to Printing and Viewing Reports and Invoices .